Our Story

‘A jewel is only truly irreplaceable and timeless when it has valued meaning and sentiment behind it.’  

- HRH Sheikha Mariam Bint Khalifa Bin Saif Al Nahyan 

 MKS Jewellery lives to tell stories and celebrate the art of self-expression. We create each jewel with a message, in time each piece adds to a chapter like a storybook to build stories. 

Signature designs embody deeply entrenched values, and heritage of the UAE expressed through the incorporation of precious materials exclusively found in our surroundings. Each creation comes to life with distinctive birthmarks and passes forward the wealth of the UAE from the historical gold epicenter of Dubai to multi-generational contemporary women.  

MKS Jewellery uses ethically sourced, natural, untreated gemstones, and the traditional hand-crafted methods of manufacturing. The divine irregularity of the natural materials challenges the human touch and personal treatment of each detail.  

Valuing sustainability and premium quality, MKS Jewellery works to impact its society and environment positively. Be it the employment of local craftsmen and the sourcing of local raw materials, the collaboration with social causes and marine wildlife. 

The driving force behind this contemporary fine jewellery label launched in 2013, is the inspirational figure HRH Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan. Standing as an ambassador for the Emirati women and her homeland, she celebrates society and the local environment.  

The label has since expanded to include house luxury fragrances and leather accessories. HRH Sheikha Mariam received the Arab Woman ’Young Designer of the Year’ award in 2015.  


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